How Many Practice Tests Before the LSAT?

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Taking the LSAT is an important step for those looking to go to law school. Many students spend their study time going over flashcards, reviewing passages, and crafting concise, informative writing samples. In addition to these steps, a good way to prepare is to take several practice exams before your actual test date so you know what to expect on the LSAT.

You may ask yourself, how many practice tests should I take before my LSAT exam? Generally speaking, you should try to complete as many mock exams as you can to ensure your test prep routine is effective and improve your chances of achieving your desired score. However, the exact number of practice tests you should take differs for each individual.

LSAT Practice Exam Benefits

Why Should You Take LSAT Practice Exams?

Completing practice exams helps you do well on test day by giving you a sense of the structure and format of the real LSAT. Shifting focus from one part of the LSAT to the other can be challenging for first-time test-takers. Mock tests can train your brain to switch among Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, and Logical Reasoning topics on exam day.

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Another perk of taking practice LSAT exams is that you can better understand the test's timing. Even with the scheduled break, maintaining focus throughout this almost four-hour exam can be difficult. After a few practice tests, you should feel more comfortable with the pacing of the actual LSAT.

A practice exam also allows you to gauge your strengths and weaknesses. Once you get your mock LSAT test scores, you can review your results and discover which areas of the exam you need to focus on. From there, you can use Grad Prep's selection of LSAT practice questions to improve your skills and earn a better score on your official test.

Practice Exam Timeline

How Many LSAT Practice Tests Should I Take?

Wondering how many LSAT practice exams to take? The answer depends on what type of test taker you are, your current study schedule, and how much time you have to prepare for the real exam.

Most people take one mock LSAT exam at the start of their test prep journey to see how they'd do on the official test. Once you have mastered a few LSAT strategies, take another practice test to see how you've progressed. Repeat this process until you feel comfortable with the exam sections, your abilities, and your mock exam results.

LSAT Practice Tests

When Should I Take LSAT Practice Tests?

Some students prepare for the LSAT roughly six months in advance and take mock exams periodically throughout their review. However, if you're planning to take the LSAT after studying for only a month, you should try to take a practice LSAT exam after a few days of intense review and continue this pattern until you're closer to your target score.

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Tips & Guidance to Succeed on Your Practice Tests

Approaching each mock LSAT exam like the real thing is an excellent way to build your confidence before test day. Grad Prep's LSAT practice tests simulate the official exam, so you know what to expect when you arrive at the testing center to take the actual LSAT. Complete mock tests using the following exam modes to ensure you improve with each practice test:

  • Learner Mode: Taking a practice LSAT in Learner Mode allows you to see which answers you get right and wrong as you progress through the exam.
  • Practice Mode: Practice Mode times your test so you can see whether you would have completed each section within official limits. It also shows the correct answers at the end of the mock LSAT exam.
  • Simulation Mode: In Simulation Mode, you'll experience the LSAT exam exactly as you would on test day. A timer will stop the test at the official times, whether you finish or not, and you'll receive your results afterward.

Incorporating mock exams into your LSAT study plan is a smart way to check your progress as you review the necessary test materials. Consider using Grad Prep's detailed test prep strategies and four realistic practice tests to get ready for the real LSAT exam and increase your chances of earning your desired score.

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