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At Grad Prep, we believe education is transformative. That's why we've created an interactive digital platform that can be tailored to your unique learning needs. Continuing your education can feel intimidating, but you shouldn't feel overwhelmed with the process of preparing for it. Grad Prep aims to ease the stresses that come with preparing for graduate school entrance exams, whether your stresses are financial, time, or skills based. Grad Prep offers sustainable access to the resources needed for getting your best score on graduate school entrance exams.

Our Mission

Our goal is equity in education.
We’re here to give students the custom-made, affordable, and friendly test prep experience they need to realize their dreams.

We believe higher education is for everyone.

Our Values

  • Test prep should be affordable

    Test prep should be affordable

  • Everyone can improve their score with preparation

    Everyone can improve their score with preparation

  • education should be accessible

    education should be accessible

You May Recognize Us

That’s because we've been around since 1944 as EBSCO, helping students at 95% of academic institutions in the United States. And our test prep materials have been an asset to students for over 25 years.

GradPrep.com was born from the idea that studying should be tailored to you, not the other way around. We offer preparation guides, practice tests, and the tips you need to get started on your advanced degree in an easy and affordable way.