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Higher Score Guarantee on your GMAT™

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Our online GMAT® test study program is designed to improve your score in the four sections of the GMAT: Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Writing.  It starts by asking your test date and how many hours per week you can commit to studying.  Have a previous score?  Enter it into your study plan and our system will prioritize the lessons and practice tests you need to improve your weakest areas first. When you complete the practice sets, you'll receive detailed answer explanations for each question and a diagnostic score report to help target your strengths and weaknesses for further preparation. 

GradPrep.com's proprietary learning platform offers 3 test modes to help you learn, prepare, and simulate for test day success:

Learner mode: view the answers to each question as you go along to help you study.

Practice mode: see answer explanations after you have finished. If the test is timed, the timer will display but will not be enforced.

Simulation mode: exactly what you'll experience on test-day; the test will stop when the timer stops.

Members get access to:

  • 4 exclusive GMAT practice tests (only available from GradPrep.com)
  • Over 800 practice questions
  • 6 analytical writing sample questions
  • An additional 501 downloadable practice questions
  • Simulated test-day experience
  • Immediate test scoring & analysis
  • Study progress tracker
  • Web-based and compatible across all devices
  • ADA 508 compliant
  • 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.
  • Higher Score Guarantee

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Start your 7 day full access trial for:

Every plan comes with a 7-day FREE trial. Cancel anytime.
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What we offer

Understanding that you don't have all the time in the world to study, so let's make it count.


Strategies for how to answer different GMAT question types.


Exclusive GMAT practice tests and extra practice questions, including all the topics on the exam: math, verbal, data analysis, & analytical writing.


Simulated test-day experience so you know what to expect under time pressure.


Affordable price to reduce the financial stress of preparation.


Peace of mind that you have done your best to prepare for your exam.

What we don’t

No textbooks.


No closing time.


No long lessons.


No outdated website.


No overpriced materials.


No overwhelming list of To Dos.


No boring instructors.


No nonsense.

It felt good to feel prepared and ready to go on test day. I credit the Learner Mode with helping me get a great first time score.

- Richard, MBA Student

I'd have bought this for the 501 additional practice questions. Getting everything else is a nice bonus.

- Kati, MBA Student

Need more practice questions? Stop right here. Literally had so many I didn't use them all.

- Mary, Incoming MBA Student

Learner mode was excellent. And the extra quant questions were essential to raising my score.

- Hayden, MBA Applicant

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What is a good GMAT score?

A good GMAT score depends largely on the competition for available MBA programs, the student's target school, and demographic circumstances that affect test scores across the board. However, for most institutions and programs, GMAT scores between 650 and 690 are good, while 700 or above is excellent.

How long is the GMAT?

How long the GMAT test takes depends on whether you take it in person at a test center or online at home. The in-person exam is 3 hours and 7 minutes long, with an extra 30 minutes for check-in. The online GMAT test is 2 hours and 45 minutes, plus 15 minutes for check-in.

How long to study for the GMAT?

The total time spent studying for the GMAT varies from person to person, though most students devote about 100 to 120 hours over 2 or 3 months to prepare for the test. Study sessions average 1 to 3 hours every day, totaling around 12 hours per week.

How hard is the GMAT?

While the GMAT is a challenging exam, its difficulty is relative to the person taking it. For some, the test format and material are the most significant obstacles. For others, the time limit and test-day restrictions pose the biggest challenge. Studying, preparing mentally and physically, and developing a successful test strategy can help make the GMAT less challenging.

How many points does the GMAT have?

The GMAT maximum score is 800 points, with 200 points being the bottom end. On average, roughly two-thirds of students score between 400 and 600 on the exam. The 3 main factors contributing to your total score include the number of questions you answered correctly, the difficulty of those answered questions, and how many total questions you answered across the entire test.

Who is Grad Prep?

Grad Prep is a fresh way of preparing for graduate school entrance exams. We are a part of EBSCO LearningExpress, the leading provider of trusted research materials at colleges, public libraries, and other organizations for decades.