MCAT Registration

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Signing Up

How to Register for the MCAT

Test-takers start the MCAT registration process through the AAMC website. The MCAT section outlines everything you need for exam scheduling and payment, as well as essential information regarding deadlines, testing dates, and scores.

Accessing the AAMC's MCAT registration portal involves a few simple steps:

  1. Create an account on the AAMC MCAT registration page.
  2. Click "Start Exam Registration".
  3. Enter your personal information exactly as it appears on your government ID.
  4. Complete all online forms.
  5. Select "Schedule an MCAT Exam" to choose your test dates and location.
  6. Choose "Proceed to Checkout" to finalize and pay for registration.

Testing Fees

How Much Does It Cost to Register for the MCAT?

Students must pay an MCAT registration fee to take the exam. This payment covers the costs of scheduling testing dates and receiving your score.

Your required payment may differ depending on a number of factors, so always check the AAMC website for up-to-date information.

  • Standard Registration: $325
  • Fee Assistance Program Registration: $130
  • Registration Outside the U.S. and Canada: Standard fee plus $120

Financial Help

Requesting Financial Aid for Registration Costs

If you're having trouble paying for registration, the AAMC offers financial aid in the form of a fee assistance program. To apply for this benefit, you must meet strict eligibility requirements.

Who Can Get Assistance?

Eligibility details and guidelines are available on the AAMC's fee assistance program page. To apply, you'll need to provide bank statements, lease or rental agreements, pay stubs, tax forms, and other paperwork.

If you are 26 or younger, you will also need to include your parents' financial information.

Registration Changes

Can I Reschedule or Get a Refund?

Both are possible, but timing is critical. Rescheduling fees increase if you wait too long to change your date or testing center. You can get a partial refund if you cancel, but the amount you get back decreases over time. You cannot make changes or cancel less than ten days from your exam date.

Dealing with Emergencies

Certain circumstances, such as hospitalization and other hardships, may prevent you from taking the MCAT as scheduled. In such cases, test-takers can provide documentation and request an emergency refund up to ten days after their appointment.

Test Scheduling

When to Take the MCAT

The AAMC offers the MCAT about 25 times between January and September every year. Available test dates fill quickly, so be sure to complete the MCAT preregistration process ahead of time to get your first choice of test date and location.

If you fail to register in time to secure a date you want, you can join a waitlist in the event that a spot opens up.

Timing Considerations

Avoid Rushing Your Registration

Speeding through test prep material to meet MCAT registration dates for the year might be tempting. However, testing without adequate study time can jeopardize your results or prompt you to void the exam, so you could end up retaking the test later anyway.

Taking time to learn the material thoroughly, even if it means missing out on testing dates, is far better for your MCAT score and future medical school plans.

Plan & Prepare

Allow Yourself Adequate Time to Study

A study schedule not only prepares you for the exam, but it also indicates exactly when you need to take the MCAT. Consider using an MCAT test prep program to make the most of your study sessions, track your progress, and avoid multiple retakes.

Retaking the Test

How Many Times Can I Take the MCAT?

There is a strict limit on the number of times you can take the MCAT, so it's best to delay scheduling your test until you have prepared for all four sections. Keep in mind that no-shows and voided exams count toward your total lifetime limit, too.

The current limit breakdown allows:

  • Three attempts in one year
  • Up to four in two consecutive years
  • A total of seven times in a lifetime

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