GRE Registration

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Remote Exams and Test Center Options

ETS offers the GRE year-round as a remote exam or at over 1,000 test centers worldwide. However, test center openings are only available on a first-come, first-served basis and often fill quickly. Alternatively, the at-home GRE test, administered by ProctorU, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Preparation and Deadlines

When Is the Best Time to Take the GRE?

Deciding when to take the GRE depends on your preferred graduate program and other important factors. First, create a study schedule for the GRE using effective test prep materials. Then, once you feel confident about all six GRE test sections, plan your exam date around your schedule while keeping admissions deadlines in mind.

Leave Room for Retakes

Hinging your future academic studies on a single test date is risky. Giving yourself a few months leeway can help you figure out a good time to take the GRE. For example, if your grad school application is due in December, taking the GRE in September or October gives you plenty of time for a second attempt.

GRE Registration

Setting Up Your Account

Once you know when you need to take the exam, complete the GRE test registration process by phone or on the ETS website. In either case, you need to create a username and password on the ETS GRE portal.

Setting up an ETS account and registering for the GRE consists of the following steps:

  1. Create a user account on the ETS website and log in.
  2. Click "Register/Find Test Centers" and verify your email.
  3. Confirm your time zone.
  4. Select an available test date within your preferred two-month period.
  5. Click "Register for this Test".
  6. Finalize your registration and pay necessary fees.

Your ETS Profile

What Can You Do with an ETS Account?

In addition to registering for the GRE, an ETS account allows you to view test scores, manage exam dates, update personal information, and apply for testing accommodations.


What Is a GRE Registration Number?

After creating your ETS account, you'll receive a GRE registration number. Also known as an ETS ID, this seven-digit number distinguishes you from other students taking the exam. ETS uses this unique ID number to ensure you receive the correct test scores.

When Will I Need My ETS ID?

In most cases, you'll only need to supply your GRE registration number when contacting ETS regarding an account issue, responding to a school that requires the ID number, or requesting reinstatement of canceled GRE scores.

Exam Fees

GRE Registration Costs

The final step of registering for the GRE is paying for the test and any supplemental ETS services. However, test fees vary depending on where you live and plan on taking the test. A quick breakdown of those cost differences include:

  • U.S. Testing Centers: $205
  • China: $231.30
  • India: $213
  • Other Areas of the World: $205

GRE Fee Reduction Program

Qualifying for Assistance with Test Expenses

ETS offers the Fee Reduction program to help test-takers pay for their GRE registration. Eligible students receive a voucher that reduces the cost of one GRE General Test or GRE Subject Test.

To qualify for the assistance voucher, you must provide documentation to prove financial need as outlined in the GRE Fee Reduction Program page on the ETS website.

Where Else Can I Get Help?

Certain non-profit organizations, like the Gates Millennium Scholars Program, IRT, and RISE, that serve underrepresented groups, first-generation students, and others in need of assistance can also provide ETS vouchers to lower the cost of GRE test registration.

Paying for the GRE

Accepted Forms of Payment & Vouchers

If you're using a paper check or money order to pay the GRE registration fee, you must request a GRE General Test authorization voucher by mail. To do so, access the request form on the ETS website, fill in your information, print the document, and mail it to ETS for processing.

Processing and delivery can take up to three weeks, so request the voucher early to avoid any potential delays. Once your authorization voucher arrives, you'll need to register for the GRE online or by phone.

Cancellations and Refunds

What Happens to My Payment If I Need to Reschedule?

ETS refunds half of your GRE registration fee if you meet the cancellation deadline no later than four days, or no later than ten days in mainland China, before your testing date. ETS keeps the remainder of your payment to cover processing costs and your reserved seat at the test center.

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