Free GRE Practice Questions

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Below are 10 practice questions to help you study for the sentence completion and math portions of the GRE exam.

Sample GRE Sentence Completion Questions

1. His neighbors found his ________ manner bossy and irritating, and they stopped inviting him to backyard barbeques.

a. Insentient
b. magisterial
c. reparatory
d. restorative
e. modest

2. Steven is always ______ about showing up for work because he feels that tardiness is a sign of irresponsibility.

a. legible
b. tolerable
c. punctual
d. literal
e. belligerent

3. Candace would ______ her little sister into an argument by teasing her and calling her names.

a. advocate
b. provoke
c. perforate
d. lament
e. expunge

4. The dress Ariel wore ______ with small, glassy beads, creating a shimmering effect.

a. titillated
b. reiterated
c. scintillated
d. enthralled
e. striated

5. Being able to afford this luxury car will ______ getting a better-paying job.

a. maximize
b. recombinant
c. reiterate
d. necessitate
e. reciprocate

Sample GRE Geometry Questions

Common Information: In a question, information concerning one or both of the quantities to be compared is centered above the two columns. A symbol that appears in both columns represents the same thing in Column A as it does in Column B.

Directions: Each of the following questions consists of two quantities, one in Column A and one in Column B. Compare the two quantities and choose:

a. if the quantity in Column A is greater

b. if the quantity in Column B is greater

c. if the two quantities are equal

d. if the relationship cannot be determined from the information given.


Column A
Column B


 triangle-based GRE geometry practice problem

6. the area of ΔQ
8 sq m



line graph-based GRE geometry practice problem 

7. the slope of the line in the graph



circle-based GRE geometry practice problem 

8. the area of the circle in the figure
the area of a circle with diameter 3y



shape volume-based GRE geometry practice problem 

9. the volume of the box on the left
the volume of the cylinder on the right



line segment-based GRE geometry practice problem 

10. x



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