Deciphering Your GMAT Results

Woman looking at laptop screen trying to decipher her GMAT results.

Purpose & Value

Why Your Results Matter

GMAT scores give you a general idea of how well you might do as a first-year student in an MBA program. As such, test results are one of the first things admissions committees consider when looking at a candidate's business school application. Based on your GMAT score report, you can choose whether to enroll in business school, retake the exam, or consider a different career path.

Reading Your Report

Your Total Score & Section Results

Unofficial GMAT scores include a Total Score and the results for your Quantitative, Verbal, and Integrated Reasoning tests. Results for the Analytical Writing Assessment will appear on your official GMAT score report.

Your GMAT test results will also include percentile rankings that show the percentage of test-takers who received a lower score than yours.

Receiving Results

How Long Does GMAT Score Reporting Take?

Test-takers receive their unofficial GMAT score report on-screen as soon as they complete the exam. If you're satisfied with your results, you can select "Report My Scores" and have your results sent to the schools you chose during registration. Those who aren't happy with their scores can choose "Cancel My Scores" and schedule a retake test.

Accessing Your Official Results

While you get the unofficial GMAT score report immediately, it can take anywhere from 5 to 20 days to receive your official test results. When these scores become available, you'll receive an email notification with instructions telling you how to access your official exam results, which include your Analytical Writing Analysis score and GMAT percentile ratings.

Measuring Success

What Is a Good GMAT Score?

Every institution has its own standards for what makes a good GMAT score. Some of the top business schools in the country require a score of 700, while others will accept candidates who score between 650 and 690. Even students who receive the average GMAT score of 568 can enroll in certain MBA programs.

Can You Retake the Test?

If you're unsatisfied with your GMAT results, you can retake the exam and try to earn a higher score. Those who complete a successful retest can send their improved scores to their chosen business schools. However, some students end up scoring lower on their second GMAT attempt. If this happens to you, you can pay a fee to reinstate your original GMAT score report.

Duration of Score Validity

How Long Is a GMAT Score Good For?

Official GMAT scores are valid for five years, so you have plenty of time to complete business school applications and send your results whenever you're ready. While you can report your scores to various MBA programs for up to 10 years, many schools refuse to accept scores reported after the five-year mark.

Requesting Additional Reports

Before you take the GMAT, you get to choose the five schools you want to receive your official score report. Those who want to send their test results to more than five business schools can pay a fee to send their official scores to as many institutions as they like. Your additional GMAT score report will be sent to your chosen business schools within seven calendar days.

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